Meet the Kiefers


This Catholic family from Boston found the true spirit of Christmas in a pile of misfit socks on their laundry room floor and inspired an authentic family tradition for the season of Advent called, The Misfit Sock, A Christmas Traditon.  


This new tradition includes a storybook that shares some of the powerful themes of the Advent season through the transformative plight of a lonely misfit sock. In addition to the story, young children can enjoy their very own treasure, a one-of-a-kind misfit sock to love, hang on the mantel and fill with daily hand-written misfit sock prayer cards, leading up to Christmas. On Christmas Eve, the misfit sock is transformed into a gratitude sock for Santa, his elves and reindeer. The tradition is supported by a the companion website, Misfit University (www.misfituniversity.com), offering more sock inspiration and charitable projects for the holidays.  

Karen and Sam Kiefer with daughters McKenna, Rose, Emma, (their daughter Maddie is missing) and dog, Kiebo.



"I have wonderful memories of making Advent wreaths and opening the paper windows on my Advent calendar, said Karen Kiefer, creator of The Misfit Sock, "But it is always nice when you can introduce a new tradition that is filled with imagination and God's promise and encourages the gift of conversation and prayer during a busy season.”  Kiefer credits her daughters for creation of the project, for they really believed in their young hearts that the misfit socks on their laundry room floor had a greater purpose. In an effort to make sure these socks felt complete and loved again, this family dressed up their misfit socks in their” Sunday best,” filled them with candy, jingle bells, pine cones and holiday messages and offered them as gifts of hope, joy and peace to friends and family at Christmas. A decade later, and thousands of misfit socks shared, that simple and powerful offering became the impetus for this new family Advent tradition.


The Misfit Sock storybook tells the tale of a sock that has lost its perfect match during the laundry cycle.  The sock is instantly labeled a "misfit" and thrown into a misfit pile. Forgotten and marginalized, the sock loses all hope until it meets the magnificent spirit of Christmas and is filled with meaning and purpose while being magically transformed into a gratitude sock for Santa, his elves and reindeer.


Children can easily embrace the messages of Love, Hope, Joy, Inspiration and Gratitude found in the book and use those themes to write the prayers that they stuff into the sock each day.  On Christmas Eve, children can also stuff their misfit sock with wonderful gratitude goodies for Santa, his elves and reindeer.  When Santa visits, he enjoys the gratitude offerings and reads all of the child's prayers, knowing enough to leave the sock behind for the child for next year. The Misfit Sock tradition begins....



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