We all want to be loved and need LOVE in our lives to grow and reach our fullest potential and to live happy.  That's God's plan for us. That is one of the key messages tucked insideThe Misfit Sock  storybook. 


In the story, the misfit sock has lost its perfect match and in turn lost its sense of self and any hope for being loved in the future. The sock is eventually transfomed into the gratitude sock to thank Santa, his elves and reindeer. A perfect match. From marginalized to magnificent, the misfit sock realizes its potential and is filled with grace and gratitude.


To begin the lesson on LOVE fromThe Misfit Sock storybook, why don’t you ask the children to take off their shoes and sit in a circle, with their legs straight out in front of them, socks and toes dangling. Ask them if they like the socks they are wearing today.  Ask them if they have a favorite pair of socks. Maybe they could describe their favorite socks and just why they like those socks so much. From there, you could open up a discussion about love and perfect matches. 


Then begin a discussion about LOVE and behavior, actions and feelings. 

  • How do we act around people or things that we love?

  • How do we treat them with care and concern?

  • How do we protect them from harm? Ask the children to offer examples. 


As the story continues, the laundry cycle poses major challenges for the perfect sock match, realizing they could lose each other forever in the colors and whites, and that's exactly what happens. 


  • Ask about the misfit socks (unmatched socks) and if they have a sock pile of unmatched socks at home? 

  •  Where do they think the socks go when they become lost? 

  •  What do they do with their unmatched socks? 

  • Do they think people ever feel like "misfit socks" ?

  • Have they ever been afraid of losing someone that they love?


From there you might ask them to engage in a number of activities: 

 1. Draw a picture of someone or something that they LOVE. 

 2. Show and Tell: Have the children explain their drawings. 

 3. Have the children turn their drawings into an Advent card to send/offer to that person. 

 4. Stuff MISFIT SOCKS  with Advent wishes and other expressions of the season.

 5. Make a MISFIT SOCK promise to tell someone that you love them at least once a day during Advent.

6. Fill out a MISFIT SOCK PRAYER CARD and tuck it in your misfit sock

each day during Advent.

7. Consider making a doll out of a MISFIT SOCK an offer it as a gift.

There'slots of ideas at MISFIT UNIVERSITY: and at the MISFIT ANGELS website:





During the Advent season we are reminded of Virign Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the love of God. God's showed his love for Mary when he sent the angel, Gabriel, to let her know that she would carry and give birth to the Christ child, our Savior, and she would name him, Jesus. Before the angel appeared, Mary had recently become engaged to a carpenter named Joseph.  Mary trusted in God's plan, and eventually Joseph did too, even though they were both afraid. Mary and Joseph knew that God's LOVE was stronger than fear. There love for each other, for God and the Jesus the Messiah was something to behold.


Advent is a great time to pray and reflect on God's love. When we love we find trust, strength and comfort in that LOVE. God loves US and wants the best for US, always. We just need to believe that and live that love each and every day, especially during times of struggle or great uncertianty. 


"The angel said unto her, 'fear not, Mary: for you have found favor with God."

                                                                                                                            Luke: 1:30

 Think about collecting some MISFIT SOCKS and stuffing them with Advent wishes, sweets and treats and offering this gift to a special someone.