The Misfit Sock Christmas Tradition was born in Advent of 1998, so it's only fitting that we discover God's lessons of LOVE, HOPE,  JOY and GRATITUDE through once marginalized misfit socks during the Advent season.

In the storybook, The Misfit Sock, two socks meet and fall madly in love. The socks hope to spend the rest of their lives together, but they have challenges ahead.  They both end up in the laundry room and unfortunately one of the socks goes missing and the remaining sock is left dripping in tears. That sock is immediately labeled a "misfit" and marginalized and cast aside.


God teaches us a lot about LOVE, especially in the way he loves the marginalized, "the misfits." His love transforms. In The Misfit Sock  storybook the spirit of Christmas transforms misfit socks into the bearers of Advent wishes and prayers and magnificent gratitude sock to thank Santa, his elves and reindeer. To learn more, click ADVENT LESSONS: LOVE













When we lose someone or something that we LOVE, we lose a piece of ourselves and sometimes, over time, we lose HOPE.  That's what happens to

the misfit sock after losing its perfect match. Sitting on the misfit sock pile, lost, alone and fearful that it might not ever be loved again, the sock begins to lose hope.  It eventually falls off the misfit sock pile onto the cold tile floor, feeling invisible.


God loves us and is always there for us, especially in those times when we lose hope, feel sad, or lost.

God always finds a way to fill us with his grace and make us see light in the darkness or find HOPE on a cold laundry room floor. In God's love we are never invisible.


Advent is the season of HOPE, preparing our hearts for the birth of Jesus. To learn more, click ADVENT LESSONS: HOPE




We are filled with JOY when we feel love, are loved and  learn to love who we are as a child of God. Feeling JOY and spreading JOY inspires others to be joyful, too.  


As The Misfit Sock story unfolds, the lonely

sock  feels invisible on the laundry room floor.  It lays on the floor and no one sees that sock or even realizes that it is lost and alone and is crying out to be noticed, appreciated and loved again. Until a gust of Christmas magic blows open the laundry room door, and dozens of jingle bells dance on the floor.  Christmas magic, which is the LOVE of God, picks up that misfit sock and fills it with a spirited grace.  At that moment, the misfit sock feels LOVED and realizes its purpose. Feeling  JOY, it springs up from the floor and gets dressed in its Sunday best. Its purpose is hold the prayers and wish of the Advent season and become the magnificent gratitude sock to thank Santa, his elves and reindeer. And because JOY and inspiration is contagious, the other misfit socks realize in an instant that it is their purpose, too.


God's love transforms US. The Advent season is a time of waiting and being transformed by the love of Christ. To learn more, click ADVENT LESSOS: JOY



The misfit socks realize that their purpose is to go out into the world and find their way into the hearts of every little girl and boy, because a child will understand, in a hug, that a misfit sock is the GRATITUDE sock to thank Santa, his elves and reindeer. 


The Misfit Sock Christmas Tradition is a practice in daily gratitude. Hang your misfit sock some place special and fill it each day with a MISFIT SOCK PRAYER CARD. It's a chance to think about someone else and offer up prayers to God.  On Christmas Eve, the MISFIT SOCK is stuffed with gratitude goodies for Santa, his elves and reindeer. When Santa arrives, he reads all of the prayers for the Advent season, enjoys and shares the goodies and knows enough to leave the misfit sock for next year and the tradition begins.


From marginalized to magnificent, that is how God's love  transforms us.  Practicing gratitude for our gifts during the Advent season is a wonderful chance to reflect on who we are, what God wants for us and to thank God for all that he does for us each and every day. To learn more click ADVENT LESSONS: GRATITUDE